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PE and Games

At Edge Hill, we pride ourselves on providing our children with a rich and varied PE curriculum. To support the delivery of the National Curriculum, we follow the Power of P.E scheme of work along with other supporting literature. 

To ensure we achieve our intended aims, we strive to:

  • To ensure our children are physically competent to perform at a high level in physical activity.
  • To promote a lifelong love of physical activity for all children in our school.
  • To provide abundant opportunities for our children to become fit, active and healthy.
  • Ensure that PE at Edge Hill is continually and consistently monitored for health/quality purposes by external bodies.
  • To develop our children’s ability to participate in competitive sports.
  • Develop pupils’ leadership qualities and confidence to speak in front of others.

To ensure we meet our aims we implement aspects of the taught curriculum as follows:

  • We use a clear and comprehensive PE scheme: ‘The Power of PE’. This scheme supports our delivery of high-quality PE lessons through inclusive teaching.
  • Consistently develop staff subject knowledge and pedagogical subject knowledge across the year using reputable providers such as School Games Organisers and AfPE accredited companies.
  • Subject leaders will drive PE and keep it at the heart of the school through CPD provided during staff meetings and inset sessions.
  • We use a clear and concise assessment proforma that informs future planning using assessment criteria from each area of the curriculum e.g. dodgeball assessment matrix.
  • Progressive Sports provides PE intervention for target groups using children highlighted from PE assessment.
  • Burton Albion Community Trust coaches deliver a range of invasion games to all year groups.
  • Progression documents are used alongside the PE plans to ensure children progress year on year within each sport.
  • Teach a variety of different sports across the year within the PE curriculum: football, netball, tag-rugby, hockey, rounders, cricket, athletics, dodgeball, sportshall athletics, gymnastics, dance, boccia, archery and swimming (Year5).
  • Orienteering is taught with our Geography/Forest School provision.
  • Support the PE curriculum by creating a rich and broad extra-curricular sports programme using a range of reputable providers who provide specialised activities e.g. dance, cheerleading and tag-rugby.
  • Target children who are less active with specific sports opportunities during extra-curricular clubs e.g. quidditch.
  • Provide our children with at least 2 hours of PE lessons in a normal school week.
  • Create opportunities for children to beat their ‘personal bests’ within a 2-minute skipping challenge.
  • Subject leaders will access the School Games platform which contains the latest PE standards for PE e.g. inclusive health check.
  • Subject leaders will apply for the School games award annually and provide any necessary evidence.
  • Offer every child in the school the opportunity to represent the school in a wide range of sports competing against other schools.
  • Provide opportunities for children to take part in intra-school sports activities (class v class).
  • Subscribe to the Burton and District Association and East Staffs Sports Partnership competition programmes. This will maximise competitive opportunities for the children.
  • Within each PE lesson/After School Clubs (ASC), children will be taught that losing/failing is part of life and results in building charter. This will be done by embedding fairness, respect, teamwork and resilience.
  • Children will be given the opportunity to lead warm-ups in PE lessons.

To show the impact of our P.E curriculum and delivery, we expect:

  • PE lessons will be taught in a sequence that allows children to transfer learning, resulting in a deeper understanding e.g. tactical understanding in invasion games.
  • Our staff will be more confident and competent to deliver the PE curriculum.
  • Children will develop and be moved towards personalised learning goals using progression documents.
  • Targeted groups of children are provided with extra support within various areas of PE e.g. catching within striking and fielding.
  • Our children will have the confidence to try new sports and will have developed the ability to transfer their understanding of elements such as decision-making in invasion games. This will be used as a platform for them to move into KS3/4 with a love of being physically active.
  • The children will want to pursue sporting opportunities outside of school which can be aided by strong links the school already have.
  • The children will want to increase their activity levels outside of school hours.
  • Class after-school club participation record sheets will show each child’s participation in ASC clubs. This will be used to inform the organisation of future ASC as target groups can be identified.
  • Our children will become fitter and more active. Weekly routines will be established and opportunities to be physically active will be maximised.
  • Children will develop their stamina and work against their PB each day.
  • The children will continue to work in a safe environment whereby all the standards are being maintained by the school.
  • The school will retain the School Games Platinum Award.
  • The children will have a sense of pride when representing the school.
  • Children will have an improved sense of belonging as they will be representing the club in the school kit with fellow pupils.
  • Children will develop their ability to show levels of resilience throughout each event.
  • Children will have improved levels of confidence to lead an activity/speak in front of a group.

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