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At Edge Hill, our Geography curriculum is based on the CUSP framework for learning.  This has been chosen for its research-based links and also for the clear development and progression of children’s geographical knowledge, skills and thinking.  Our lessons and units of work are based on the content of the National Curriculum and follow the Substantive concepts of: Location, Place, Physical Features, Human Features and Geographical skills and fieldwork. 


Geography lessons are taught by the class teacher in a variety of ways depending on the skill in focus.  Children have the opportunity to take part in fieldwork and practical activities as well as classroom-based learning.  Our Geography work is recorded in Geography books, where appropriate, and lessons contain elements of ‘My turn, Our turn, Your turn’ to break down the taught content.  To support children's thinking and to help them think like a geographer, children are exposed to a variety of maps, including Atlases, OS Maps and electronic maps via Digimap. To ensure learners are exposed to relevant geographical reading and quality texts, Curriculum Visions is utilised. 


The Impact of geography lessons are measured by carrying out pupil learning conversations and looking at the content in Geography books.