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Gates open

Start of Day

 Class Register      (/ N)

Gate closes  -chn enter office

Late Mark


Registers closeUnauthorised absence



End of Day 



   8:50am – 9:00am




12:10pm - 1:10pm

3:25pm (Y3)

3:30pm (Y4,5,6)

Children should be in school each and everyday by 8:50am to ensure they are fully prepared for the school day. 

Please be aware of the following procedures linked to attendance at Edge Hill Academy: 

  • Parents are required to telephone and inform school on the morning of the first day of absence before 9.30am.
  • School will contact parents if we have not been informed of an absence to understand the absence reasoning.
  • A voice message may be left by the parent to ensure contact is made.
  • Parents will need to keep the school updated if the absence is longer than one day.
  • If an absence reasoning is not given, this will be followed up. If no reason is provided, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised (U code).
  • When a child arrives after 9:00am, the gates will be closed and parents will be required to go to the school office. A reason will need to be provided for their lateness. The absence will be recorded as (L code) on the register.
  • If a child arrives after 9:10am, this will mean their attendance is recorded as an unauthorised absence (U code).
  • Pupils collected prior to 3:00pm, without valid reasoning, will be recorded as unauthorised (U code).
  • The above elements are essential to ensure a clear, consistent partnership between the school and our families. In specific circumstances, parenting contracts / agreements will be used or even penalty notices issued (please refer to the policy).