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Fierté Multi-Academy Trust

Our Family of Schools

Vision and Values

At Edge Hill Academy, we want all of our pupils to ‘Believe and Achieve, Shine Every Day’. ​Pupils believe in themselves, achieve ambitious goals and shine across all aspects of life every day!​

‘Inspired to excellence’

'Believe and Achieve, Shine Every Day' 

Our Academy Values

Our values are the thread that drive excellence and create the culture in which we can all excel. We expect all members of the school community, parents, families and staff, to work collaboratively with high aspirations and expectations of everyone, consistent with our values.

We have four key values and linked character traits that our pupils will learn at across our trust and within Edge Hill to help them flourish as individuals ready for the next stage of their education.


We care​ 

We foster mutual respect, appreciating everyone’s voice and opinion. We celebrate success and support each other to ensure the well-being of all. We value our environment, treating it with care and consideration.   


We leave no one behind​

We work as a team, identifying and building on individual strengths. We move forward together, encouraging and inspiring one another to become the best that we can be.


We celebrate individuality​

We celebrate each person’s unique qualities and we are confident in the value we bring to our community. Celebrating everyone’s success is an intrinsic part of all we do. 


We are brave​

We create a welcoming, safe and supportive environment to foster confidence. We challenge thoughts and opinions in a respectful manner. We encourage each other to take risks, acknowledging that mistakes are part of learning. 


Our Key Character Virtues

Our key virtues are inherent character traits and are foundations for our pupils to live a good life, readying them for the next stage of their learning journey in the wider world.

                        Devotion                         Integrity                         Trust                              Perseverance

                        Respect                           Compassion                  Courage                        Confidence